Flash Movies Cards


Probable Cause
Possible Solution

You don't see the Flash Movies

You don't have a Flash Player intalled on your system

Install a Flash Player in your system:
Down Load
a Flash Player 6

Click HERE
and Follow the instructions

or, DownLoad there
Install Flash Player 6
directly THERE

It's for MAC and Compressed with Stuffit.
For PC, sorry, we don't have.
HERE they have it !

You dn't hear the Sound of the Flash Movies

Maybe it's because the QuickTime Plug-in is visualising your Flash Movies, instead of the Flash Player ?

In Internet Explorer, Open the panel : Preferences, then the panel : Type of Files

There, scroll the panel and find the extension : .swf

To visualise your Flash Movies (.swf) Choose the Plug-in :
Shockwave Flash NP-PPC
you will find
in the Plug-ins from the Folder of Internet Explorer

Your recoipient cannot see the Flash Movies

He does not have a Flash Player intalled on his system

Advise him to intall a Flash Player on his system

Even with the Flash Player you just installed
You cannot visualise the Flash Moviesor there is no Sound...

The Flash Player you just installed is the Flash Player 6 and your syst
em likes better the Flash Player 5...
Yes, that's not fair
But the Life is not Fair !

Flash 5 Player

Try to find a Flash Player 5 (by taping : "Flash Player 5") in the search engine of recherche de http://www.google.com/

or download it HERE
Version for MAC and compressed by Stuffit
(We are not sure it will work
but it costs nothing to try.
Keep us informed...)

HERE they have it !

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