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Alfred E. Neuman :
Sure, I'm for Roosevelt

Alfred E. Neuman
The "What, me Worry ?" Boy

... One loses oneself in conjectures about the origin of Alfred E Neuman:

... Some say that the physical appearance of Alfred E Neuman derives probably from that of a very popular character of comic strip at the beginning of the 20th century, "The Yellow Kid". Others, of which Harvey Kurtzman, the brilliant creator of Mad Magazine, affirm that they took as a starting point advertisements of this era and its slogan, the famous one, "What, me worry? " When Mad Magazine was sued for copyright infringement, one defense it used was that it had copied the picture from materials dating back to 1911.

... But where is the truth? Is Harvey Kurtzman the "inventor" of Alfred E. Neuman ? Ou rather Al Feldstein ? Opinions varie on this subject. We asked this question to GOOGLE and if you want to read some answers : Click HERE .

BONUS : Hey ! We Have Got An Answer ! And many others. So the question remains the same. Thank to everybody !



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