Alfred E. Neuman

Alfred E. Neuman
by Norman Mingo
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Who is

Alfred E. Neuman ?

Alfred E. Neuman appeared on the cover of the n° 30 of Mad Magazine, as a model which will be used to all the later representations of the mascot of the magazine. Since 1952, the "idiot kid" will keep repeating to which wants to hear its famous rengaine "What-Me worry?" (read more...)

Norman Mingo (1896-1980) Versatile artist working in everything from comic strips to paperback covers for Pocket Books to sexy pin-ups for men's magazines, as well as story art for American Weekly, Ladies' Home Journal, Pictorial Review. He even did Paper Dolls (Deanna Durbin). Made his biggest splash after he had virtually retired, creating the image of Alfred E. Neuman for MAD Magazine. Handled the majority of MAD covers for nearly 20 years. (see more...)


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