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Site with decomposition of movement (from Muybridge's book) :

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Attention : This Tutorial has been written in the year 2003, for the program Macromedia Flash 4 ou 5 whose you will find a demo free version on the introduction page . I don't have the time to make a new version of this tutorial each time Flash is muting but it is not really a problem. Here you will learn the basic principles, valuables for all the next Flash versions.
Introduction : download the movie flash
  1. Lesson 1 : open the movie flash
  2. Lesson 2 : create a new layer
  3. Lesson 3 : draw straight lines
  4. Lesson 4 : modify straight lines
  5. Lesson 5 : trace the head and the body
  6. Lesson 6 : trace the eyes
  7. Lesson 7 : repositioning the body
  8. Lesson 8 : trace the legs
  9. Lesson 9 : smooth the lines
  10. Lesson 10 : change layers
  11. Lesson 11 : trace the pupils
  12. Lesson 12 : positioning the legs
  13. Lesson 13 : switch on to movie mode
  14. Lesson 14 : positioning the animation
  15. Lesson 15 : create the final animation
  16. Lesson 16 : example 1 : walking Kohlrabi
  17. Lesson 17 : example 2 : flying blue bird
  18. Lesson 18 : import and trace bitmap
Bibliography - to go futher : Two Books on Animation with Flash

You will find
many magnificent
Preston Blair's
animation models
in animated gifs
you can import
into Flash
to create your
own animations
in the
Preston Blair Gif Gallery


Site with movement's decomposition (from Muybridge's book) :
Unzipping Files
In order to decompress
these files you'll need
the following tools :
Get Winzip 7
Get Stuffit Expander

the seagull

see the seagull flying at

download (.fla) and (.swf) 4
Flash Typer Tool !
Can't read
Windows FLA Files or SWF
Files on your Mac ?
Flash Typer
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