Cartoon Animation Tutorial
Lesson Eighteen

and Trace Bitmap

Suppose you have found
this cute little tweetie bird's gif on the Net...


...and you want
to Import it into Flash
to create a brand new
by tracing upon it...

How to do this ?
It's very simple !

1. To Import the Animated Gif into Flash

Open Flash

First at all, please create a New Symbol
in which you will Import
your little cute bird Animated Gif

To create a New Symbol,
go to Insert...

Then flow down till you reach
Create New Symbol et let it go...

A Dialogue Box will open.

Yes, I know. Me neither.

never could have
the slightest little bit of dialogue
with those so-called Dialogue Boxes,
but what can we do ?
That's the name of the thing
so please no ifs and or buts.

Besides, instead of arguing,
take advantage of the
this so-called Dialogue Box opening
and give
a name to your New Symbol.

Like this...

Hey ! What 's that ?
It is the french name for
"my litte birdie of mine"

You are learning to Import and to Bitmap in Flash
on top of that
you are learning French...

So what are you complaining about ?

Okay ?

So Click on OK
and please stop arguing.

Well done.

Thank you.

What ? You don't need to learn Franch ?

Let me tell you :
You never know !

Maybe one of this day
Jacques Chirac will become
the Master of the World
and you
will be in a real mess...

Who is Jacques Chirac ?

Never mind.

Once you have clicked on OK
will will be sent
the Symbol's Working Aera.

You can see
you are on the Symbol's Working Area
because the Scene includes a cross
just in the middle...

Do you see this little cross ?

Absolutely !

Good. So, everything is Okay.

This Symbol's Working Area
one empty Key Frame

its Time Line.

This is normal since you created an
empty Symbol.

For now.

In this
empty Key Frame
you will now
Import your Animated Gif.

this first Key Frame on the Time Line
by Clicking once
on it.

One Time.

Then go to File.
Flow down till you reach Import and let it go.

A Dialogue Box then appears...

Don't try to argue with this box.

She will not answer anything.

Rather go and find the Animated Gif of your little birdie
where you have stored it before.

If you remind the place.

Select it and Click on Add

In French : Ajouter.

And then on Import

And hop ! It's Done!

Bravo !
You have just Imported your first Animated Gif !

As you can see
The eight images of your bird3.gif are now
on the Time Line,
each image taking up three frames
on the Time Line.

Now let's see How to Trace Bitmap.

2. Trace Bitmap one Image in Flash

the first image
by Clicking on it
on the Time Line...

...or by Clicking on the little birdie image in the Scene.
It's just the same.

Then go to Modify,
flow down till you reach
Trace Bitmap and let it go.

A Settings Window will open.

Enter the following settings
and Click on OK.

Flash will do his calculations
Blub ! Blub ! Blub !
and Hop !

Here is the result :

You just have Trace Bitmapped your first image in Flash !

Click anywhere outside your image
to deselect it

you can Click on each color zone,
color by color
to delete them all
and to have just the outline drawing.

Like this :

Click on the Blue zone...

She is turning Gray !

Don't panic. It's normal.

On your Keyboard
push the deleting Key

The Blue zone has disappeared now !

Normal. You just deleted it !


just the same way
for all the colors.

Why to do that ?

once you will get
the outline drawing
you will be able to activate the OutLine
it will be easier to see through
your layers
and it will be easier
for your further tracing work.

That's why we need to Trace Bitmap thoses images,
you see ?

Select now Image 2

Trace Bitmap it.

Clean it
and go to next Image.

And so forth
till you have
your eight images of bird3.gif
bitmapped and cleaned
(colors off)
on your Time line

Now you can create a second Layer
upon the first one
to trace a new

That's all !

So long
and thank you for the fish ! was saying the dolphin in
The hitch hiker's
to the Galaxy.

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