Cartoon Animation Tutorial
Lesson Seventeen

Example 2
flying blue bird
You will find
Preston Blair 's
Animated Gifs animation models
to import into Flash
and create your own animations
in the
Preston Blair Gif Gallery
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Example Two

Here you can download
a folder with three (.fla)s
in which
you will see how you can trace

a fly of
blue birdie.fla
based on the fly of this

blue birdie.gif

found on the Net.

It is not exactly the same
which has been used to do the .fla,
the original has been lost in a Hard Disk Crash.

But it's not a problem,
the procedure is the same

You can also use this one instead :

First thing to do :

Download the Folder " or sit"
which holds the following
Flash Movies :

bluebirdie00.fla and .swf

bluebirdie01.fla and .swf

bluebirdie02.fla and .swf

How ?

by Clicking one of those links below :
The compressed folder will be downloaded
on your Hard Disk.
In order to decompress it
You must have ZipIt ou StuffIt installed.

On PC and Windows
Download :

(108 Ko)

On Mac
Download :


(100 Ko)

Once your (.fla)s decompressed...

1. Open the first one :
in Flash.

2. Open your Library by Clicking on Window
then on Library.

3. Then in Library,
open animation called
flying blue bird...

You will see two layers :

The Layer 1 containing
the fly of bluebirdie.gif
is 3 KeyFrames long.

The Layer 2
which lays above,
contains 3 Empty Frames.
Here you can create
three KeyFrames on which you can
do the tracing for
the fly of your new
personnal flying blue birdie.

you can open the second one :

1. Don't open the Library yet.
On the Scene
you can see two Layers.

On Layer 1,
all the KeyFrames
of the bluebird.gif
have been bitmapped (*)
and have been put in OutLine Mode.

On Layer 2,
you can see that all the Images
of the blue birdie's fly
can be traced
using the brush tool
with the help of a Wacom tablet
or with the mouse.

2. In the Library,
open then
the flying blue bird finished

I just deleted Layer 1 and...

Aaaargh !
I deleted
the wrong Layer !

Not a problem...
open the third one :

1. On the Scene,
you can one unique Layer :
The Layer 2...
This time, I have deleted the right Layer.

Whew !

You can enjoy doing what you want with all that stuff
until you can download
the next example :

The animation of the white bird traced
upon another Animated Gif
also found on the Net...

NOTE : I have found on FlashKit a small Flash Movie animating a digging pirat,
which seems to have been made on the same principle :
tracing on an animated gif...


To Download the Flash Movie (.swf)
and his work copy (.fla).
you have to go on Flashkit

Adress :


You can download the Flash Movie (.swf) and his .fla
on FlashKit at this adress :

Hey !

What is that, to bitmap ?

An how did you put those images of bluebirdie.gif in Flash ?

Well, for those who want to know
how to bitmap and how to import

with not too much overwork

they can check the next lesson :

lesson eighteen

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