Cartoon Animation Tutorial
Lesson Fourteen

the legs
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So now you have
the ten empty Images
your character will do some walking...

It's up to you to put
Dugenou on the Scene...

How ?

You just have
to take the animation
you just created...
Flash stored it
in your Library
( Isnt 'it cute, this Flash ? )

Here we go !

If your Library is not already open...

1. Go to Window

2. Choose Library

Et voilà Dugenou !

2. Select Dugenou

3. Click !

4. Take Dugenou
by Clicking on and Hold it...

5. Drag it
to the Scene

6. Put it on the Scene.

A little too big?

Not a problem !
We will fix this at once !

7. Click on the Resize Tool

8. Squares appeared on the Selection Square

You can now resize
our Dear Old Dugenou !

9. Position your cursor on th
right corner

and push to the up left corner

10. Here is what's happening

11. Click on the middle of the Selection
Hold and Pull the Selection down

12. Center it and let go

It's all done !

Et voilà !

Now you are ready
create your

First Animated Cartoon

Starring Dugenou !

Do you know how to do it ?

I let you to find it...

Or let's meet next week at...

...the lesson fifteen

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