Cartoon Animation Tutorial
Lesson Thirteen

the legs
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Well, now...

How can
we animate Dugenou ?

You have created
ten images for the animation of your new character...

... waiting on the Layer 2

( the second Layer from the bottom )

Delete first
Layers 1 and Layer 3
now useless.

Select Layer 3 (to delet)
by Clicking on his name...

...and Click on the Trash Icon

Et voilà !

Beware ! Don't delete the wrong Layer !

Let's delete now the Layer
we use as base to trace Dugenou
which is placed just above...

2. Select this Layer

3. Delete

4. Save your work

5. Click !

And now you can create your new animation !

Let's first switch on to Movie Mode

6. Go to Edit

7. Choose Edit Movie and Let go...

You are now in Movie Mode...

...and your Scene is empty !


You didn't lose your dear Dugenou so far !
He is safely waiting in Library
the moment
you will put him to walk
on the Scene...

Verification :
8. Look here :
You are right on Scene 1...

9. ...and you can see the first Image...
is empty.

You will first create 10 empty Images to let
Dugenou do his walking :

10. Select Image 10

11. Go to Insert

12. Choose Frame et let go

13. Here are the 10 Empty Images done

And here we are now !

There is still for you to
put Dugenou on the Scene...

Do you know how to do it ?

I am leaving you now...

...till next week !

Let's meet at lesson fourteen !

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