Cartoon Animation Tutorial
Lesson Ten

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Have you finished ALL the legs ?

What ?
You just finished ONE leg !

Okay !
We'll do with it.

First we will paste this leg to Dugenou's body.

To do that, we must cut it
from the Layer the leg is laying on
to paste it
on the layer
the Dugenou's body is waiting for.

1. How to cut it ?

1. Select
the leg by clickong on it's line.

2. In the Menu Bar
Select Cut and let go

3. The Image 1 on the Up Layer
is now empty...

Normal. We just emptied it.

4. And the leg has disappeared from the Scene!

Voilà ! Is in't it cleaner, now ?

Art is to prune !

2. Now we will paste it.

5. Select the Image 1
on which you want to paste
the leg

6. Select Edit

7. Select Paste in Place

8. Let go

9. The leg is pasted in place

10. If The Outline Look
doesn't please to your taste

Click on
the small colored square

11. Click !

12. And so it's done !

13. Select

14. Delete

15. Click on the line

16. Pull to the left

So you can correct all the line's curves

And what about creating
another pupil in the eye in the right ?

Okay !

3. Create a new pupil

Select the Circle Tool

Click !

Position et create an oval

Et Voilà !


This does'nt look so good...

We should incline it to the right.

Do you see how to do it ?

I leave you.

Till next week !

Yes Okay but
How to do that ?

Let us meet at lesson eleven

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