Cartoon Animation Tutorial
create flash cartoons free and easy

the Flash Movie
You will find
Preston Blair 's
Animated Gifs animation models
to import into Flash
and create your own animations
in the
Preston Blair Gif Gallery
  go to lesson one

Let's begin
a simple walk

Here is a walking Lone Cuke

This animation has been done by Sconi.
So first let's say :
"Thank you, Sconi!"
and then let's use this
magnificent piece of art
as a tracing base
to create a
new walking cartoon character.

First thing to do:

Download the Flash Movie " Cuke or sit"
It holds the walking
character upon which
we will do the tracing.

How to download ?

Click on one of the two links below :
A compressed Flash file
will be load on your hard disk.
In order to decompress the Flash file
you must have ZipIt or StuffIt installed.

to download the flash movie
on Windows
(40 Ko)

on Mac
Cuke Sconi.sit
(40 Ko)

Unzipping Files

The Movie file
have been compressed.
In order to decompress
and use this file you'll
need the following tools :
Get Winzip 7
Get Stuffit Expander

has been decompressed
Open it in Flash.

Hey ? What ?
You don't have any Flash !?
But, then...
What are you doing here ?

Get Flash ( see NOTE below ) and go next
to begin
the lesson one

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Flash Typer Tool !

Can't read
Windows FLA Files or
Windows SWF Files
on your Mac ?
Flash Typer
is just for you !
Get Flash Typer
convert Windows FLA
or SWF files
to MAC format

NOTE : This Tutorial has been made with Flash 4 and for Flash 4.
Free Trial Version / limited to 30 days
You can also use Flash 5
(except minor details, its interface is about the same)

Flash MX & Flash MX Professional
(I don't know its interface but it should work the same)

(For a Free Trial version / 30 days - go to download page at : Macromedia)

BONUS : FlashIt! 1.3 - Macromedia Flash Deprotector
is a freeware) which can "deprotect" Flash Movies (.swf) - for PC only : Download it HERE
or : THERE

You will find a Flash Decompiler Trillix for Mac OS on this page :

It is a Flash Decompiler Trillix for Mac OS
which converts SWF files back into FLA with high quality.
You can download a free trial.

You can also find the Sothink SWF Decompiler,
a cool small program which deprotect, decompile SWF Flash to FLA and extract Flash components,
downloadable freely on this page :
(for PC and for MAC).

Bonus !
Download three (.fla)s
in which
you will see how to
do the tracing for a walk of
kohlrabi poet .fla
based on the walk of
cuke sconi.fla...

Second example
Download three (.fla)s
in which
you will see how to
do the tracing for the fly of
blue birdie.fla
based on the fly of
blue birdie.gif...

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