Cartoon Animation Tutorial
Lesson Nine

the legs
So ?

Where have you been ?

Now that you are back,
We will be smoothing angles

To do that
Let's first magnify the Image.
We will see clearer!

How to do that ? Like this :

1. Click on tk black triangle
near the magnifying glass
to open the sub menu
et Choose 400 %

Or Click on the magnifying
glass icon to Select it and then
Click one the area to magnify.

Voilà ! We now see better, no?

Well ! And now...

Let's smooth the angles !

Beware !

Don't forget
to Select The Arrow Tool...

( Becauce if you Click with the Magnifying Glass ... Good Bye Josephine ! )

So here we go !

2. Position and Click

3. Pull et Let go.

All right ! I will not re-explain everything
again !
Let's the Images speak one more time :


Now you can
Smooth the Shapes :

Select all the Shape at once
by Clicking two times anywhere on the Shape's line:

5. The Smoothing Line's Tool is here :

Click on it's icon many times...

Et voilà !


You just have to redo it
Image by Image for all the legs.


I let you do some work...

Let's meet after at Lesson Ten !

Here we will animate all this !

How ?

You will know how to do this in the Lesson Ten !

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