Cartoon Animation Tutorial
Lesson Eight

the legs
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So ?

Where are we ?

I suppose
you finally succeded
in deplacing and repositioning
our dear Dugenou's body
WITH his mouth ?

It's done? Okay !

Now, we will do the legs !


For not to mix everything in a muddle
we will first create
just above the first one
totally devoted to the Dugenou's legs...

First it will be cleaner.

Second, it will be safer

Doing so,
you will not take any chance
to destroy what you have already done.

So, let's create
a New Layer !

Let's go
Alonzo !

1. Position your cursor on Layer 2
(its name) and Click to select it.

This for creating

the new Layer

ABOVE Layer 1

2. Click on the + Icon

Icon (+) ADDS a Layer

3. Click !
Voilà ! It's done.

Whyis it named Layer 8
annd not Layer 3 ?

Doesn't matter !
It's just because to shoot the image screen...
I had to create this new layer...
too many times...


You will not begin to
break me the head with that kind of details, do you ?

Okay ?
So, let's go on...

Let's create first 10 blank images on this Layer 8 which is in fact the Layer 3 :

4. Click on small white dot
to Select it.

5. Slide your cursor to the right
until it reaches image 10.

In the Top Menu Bar
Select Insert

Then Keyframe

7. Let it go ! Et Hop :
10 Keyframes
appear suddenly
in the Time Line of Layer 3 !

It's crazy, when you think of it !

Excuse me for
my english, I am not so good at it.

8. Clic !
Click anywhere
on the pagepage
to deselec the frames.

All the empty Keyframes
return to a pure and beautiful pretty white color.

Is'nt it Fabulous ?

Okay !
Now at last we will create some legs to Dugenou !

Because, without any legs,
how could he could be supposed to do
any walking, you know ?

So... Let's go !

9. Click on Image 1
on the Time Line of Layer 3

What for ?

For your Computer to
know it is in THIS IMAGE
(and not in another)
that YOU
want to do something !

Ah Yes Okay !

10. Click !
Select the Line Tool.

With this Line Tool

You already created a art ot the Dugenou's body...

for creatind the legs, let's do the same.

And let's the image speak by herself :

In order to see better what
you are doing
It would be better
To turn the
Dugenou' body
into Outline Mode

How ? Like that :

11. Click on the small square
of Outline Mode Icone on Layer 3.

12. Et Hop ! The Dugenou's body
is in Outline Mode !

Now we will smooth the angles.

How ?
We will discover how to do it next week...

...the lesson nine !

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