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Lesson Seven

the body

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Okay ?

So ? Where are we ?

The Dugenou's mouth has remained behind !

Why ?
Because I forgot to select it with the rest !

What to do now ?

First, don't Panic !

Two, we can correct it very easily

1. Deselect
everything first
by clicking out of the body lines.

2. Select the mouth
One Time on it.

3. Hold and
drag the nouth
to her new position.

4. Et voilà !

5. Another method :
Undo many times

( by Edit and Undo)

to come back...

6. ... Then Select
by Clicking on Image 2
in the Time Line.

Another Method :

You can also Selest Everything by Clicking many Times on the Body Lines.

7. Click Once anywhere
on a linejust to see
what is happening.

It's not exactly
what we want...

8. Click Twice !

That's better...
9. Hold on the Maj Key...

...and Click on another part...

10. Click again and again...

...till the end of the world !

11. Et voilà !

Everything is Selected.

Now that you've
understood how to Select
I suppose you'll be able to deplace and reposition
our WHOLE Dear Dugenou
with no problem ?


I let you do this...

As soon as it's done
Call me on the phone

We will draw his legs!
Oops !... create his legs !


In order not to mix everything in a muddle
It could be very clever to
create his legs
on another layer
we could place just above the first one.

Yes Okay but...

How do I create another Layer ?

Don't Panic !
It is Very Simple !

Yes Okay but how to do it ?

That is what we will discover next week


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