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Lesson Six

the eyes

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already created two eyes
without knowing to draw...

Now we will create the mouth.

Let's go ?

All Right ! Here we go !

1. Position the cursor
et Click once.

2. Holding the mouse button,
pull and let go.

3. Position your cursor
in the middle of the line.

4. Click and pull the line
to curve it.

Wait a minute ! I just noticed
the two eyes are exactly.
Even if

you DON'T KNOW how to draw,
that it is not possible !

According to perspective,
the eye you see at your left

Okay ?
But Then, How to do it?
5. Click on the eye's circle
you want to enlarge
to Select it.

6.On the Menu Bar
of the top
Click on Window
and then on Inspectors
and then
on Object.

7. Open the Pop
Right Menu, Select
Object and Let go !

Wow !

You just
opened the
Object Inspector

Window !

8. Click on

Do you see
Scale : 100.0 % ?

Okay All right.

9. Click on the line you want to enlarge to select it

10. Position your curseur
on 100.0 %.

11. Type 103.0 %.
Valid by Clicking on Apply.

12. The eye's oval has enlarged.
a little. It's perfect

Note :
We have to delete the small bits
of line which appeared.

13. Click on tke extra bits of line
to select them.

Delete them by
pressing the Deleting Key on your keyboard.
14. Create pupil
with the Circle Tool.

Now you know how to do it !

Well, now...
How will you create the other pupil ?

Don't draw !

It's Done ?


Now I will show you how
to COPY the Body and to place it
on the second image.

16. Click on image 1
in the Time Line of Layer 2

17. Click !
It selects everything in the image 1.

As you can see... the whole character is selected.

18. Click on Edit and then on Copy.

19. Click on image 2

in the Time Line of Layer 2
to select the destination.
Then on Edit and then on Paste in Place.

20. You can see now
Dugenou pasted on image 2.
You just have now
to modify his position.

21. Dugenou being
still selected,
click on the
Rotation Tool.

22. You can see small circles
all around Dugenou.

23. Position your cursor
on the small circle
in the bottom right corner.

24. Slide along your cursor
to the left.
It turns the body
of Dugenou.

25. Press on Direction Key
(on the riht side of your keyboard)
and deplace Dugenou to the position
you want.

Et voilà!

Oops !!!

The mouth of Dugenou is remaining behind !

Why ?

Because I forgot to select it with all the body !
But How this happened ?

What to do ?

Will our new hero pull through ?

That's what you'll see in the lesson seven !!

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