Cartoon Animation Tutorial
Lesson Five

Trace the head and
the body
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Well. Where were we ?

Oh yes !
We have to smooth a little bit this damn irregular line ..

But how to do that ?

All right !

Here we go....

1. First Select the line
by clicking on it.

2. Click!
Here, it's done.

3. In your Tool Box,
lick one or more times
on the icon with a small black
arrow pointing to a kind of "S".

It is the "Smoothing Lines Tool" :
The more you click on the icon,
the more the line goes smoothing.

4.Click and Click and Click !
Are you happy
with ther result ?



If too much clicking
turns your shape into
sort of shapeless potatoe,
don't panic : you can
ALWAYS go back
by Edit > Undo
or Command Z.

5. Now
Flash will draw the nose.

Select the Circle

6. Draw an oval with the Circle Tool.

Now you know how to do it ?

7. Select the line
you want to delete.
Click !

8. Delete by Edit > Clear
or by typing the Delete
Touch on your keyboard.

9. Trace an oval for one eye.
Bravo! Now do the other eye !

10. Wait !

Don't blow your head trying
to draw another eye exactly the same !
Keep always reminding that

you DON'T KNOW HOW TO draw !

Okay ?
So then... What can you do ?
It's very simple : DUPLICATE !

11. Select :
ClicK !..

Go now to Edit
and then to Duplicate...
Click on the eye's line...

12. Just in front of your
dazzled eyes
a second circle appears :
Wow !

You will take it and
move it.

13. Select and move this
second circle to position it.

14. Let it go et Click nearby
to deselect it.


15. Click on this little bit
of extra line

to Select it.


16. Delete it by Edit > Clear
or press the Delete Touch
on your keyboard.

17. Click on this extra
line to Select it.

18. Delete it by Edit > Clear
or press the Delete Touch
on your keyboard.

Et voilà !
We draw two eyes
even not knowing how to draw !

Now we will draw the mouth

in lesson six

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