Cartoon Animation Tutorial
Lesson Four

Modify straight
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The story in brief so far :

You have chosen a line thickness 2.0

Now what will you do with it ?

1. Position the black ink
leaking tip from your ink pot

on one circle

2. Click on this circle.

The line will grow thicker.

3. Click !

And it's done.

No favoritism ! Treat
the other circle the same way.

4. Position !

5. Click !


Now we will create the middle of the body

6. Select the Line Tool.


7. Position the cursor.
Click and hold.

8. Slide the cursor.
Click and let go.

9. Position.
Click and hold.


10. Pull down .
Click and hold.

11. Position on the line to delete.

12. Click.

13. Delete by pushing the deleting
key on the keyboard.

14. Click.

15. Delete.

16. Position on the corner.

17. Push the line to the left.
( what's this bit doing there ? )

18. Select et delete
this thing.

19. Position on the corner.

20. Pull on the corner.

21. Push on the other corner.

22. Again.

23. Pull up this bit of line.

Well. Now
We have to smooth a little bit this irregular line ..
Okay All right.
But how to do that ?

Dring !!!
Excuse me, somebody is ringing at the door !
This time I have to go.
Have Fun and see you soon !

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