Cartoon Animation Tutorial
Lesson Three

Draw straight
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Well, then ? What were we talking about ? Ah Yes !

19. Trace each image of Layer 2 basing you
on the position of the legs of each Image of Layer 1
Very Important

on the position of the body going up and down.

20. When everything is done, delete Layer 1.


It is very important to understand
that you are not obliged to copy stupidly the character you are tracing.

This character is just here to help you
to introduce your own variations

and so to create YOUR own character.
That's what we'll do in this Lesson Three...

Trace YOUR own Cartoon Character

1. Position on first image

2. Click on the small black dot under the square.
A colored square appears.

3. The images of Layer 1 appaer now in Outline Mode.
It's easier for tracing upon.

( The Cuke in Outline Mode)

4. Select The Circle Drawing Tool

5. Draw a circle in order to create the head.

Well... You think this circle

is not at the right place ? Don't Panic !
You will move it with your cursor...

6. Select the circle by clicking it one time.

7. Hold and Drop the circle
to his new position

Made a mistake ? Don't Panic !
Press Command and Z to Undo...

8. Click anywhere ouside the circle to
deselect it.

Trace another circle for the body

9. Suddenly you find the line
of these two circles are not thickenough !

Qu'à cela ne tienne !

No Panic !
It's very simple to correct !

10. Select the ink pot
by clicking on it
in the Tool Box.

11. ClicK !

Et Hop !
Here it is selected !

When we say
it's very simple, we
really mean it


12. Click upon le white line 1.0 in the box.

This opens a sub menu
where you can choose
another size line...
13. Choose 2.0.

14. Voilà ! It's done!

Now your ink pot is able
a size 2.0 to any line
on which you will click.

Well Okay.

And so what ?

let's go to lesson four

or shall we return to lesson two ?

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