Cartoon Animation Tutorial
Creating a Walk Cycle in Flash by Laurence Arcadias 01 Feb 2002
This tutorial will show you how to draw a simple character and make him walk.
Lesson One

the Flash Movie
You will find
Preston Blair 's
Animated Gifs animation models
to import into Flash
and create your own animations
in the
Preston Blair Gif Gallery
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Don't panic !
You don't need to draw !
Flash knows how to draw for you !

Let us begin

a simple walk

Here is a Lone Cuke walking

1. Open lthe cukesconi.fla in Flash.

2. Open the Library by clicking on Window
and then onLibrary.

In the Library you have two Lone Cuke walking.

The First One is going to the right : his name is Cuke sconi Invert.

The other is going left : it's cuke walk symbol.

First let's choose the First One :
3. Select it by clicking on its icon in the Library...

You will first DUPLICATE it :

4. Click on the button up on the right side of the Library.

The Options Menu of the Library will open :

5. Click then on Duplicate..

6. Then a Dialog Box opens
when you can rename it :

7. Give him another name:

8. Click on OK.

You can notice he is now
added in the Library
undre the name of Dugenou.

9. Select Dugenou by clicking on his icon

Click two times on his icon or on his image in the Library.
His Time Line opens then in Symbole Mode.

She holds 10 images on a layer named Layer 1.

10.Create a new layer upon Layer 1 by clicking on the icone +

He takes by himself the name of Layer 2.

We will now create 10 Blank-Keyframes (NOTE)

. Select 10 frames on the Layer 2
by dragging your cursor upon
as you could do to select some text in Word :

12. Then create 10 empty Keyframes in Layer 2
by clicking on Insert in the Menu Bar and then on Blank Keyframe :

Ten empty Keyframes (on black) appear on layer 2
upon the 10 full Keyframes ( grayed) of Layer 1.

Like this :

Hop !

And if you click outside
They are then deselected et turn all in white !

Et Hop !

Extraordinary, no?


This Tutorial has been created with Flash 4.
In Flash 4, you can create 10 empty KeyFrames by this operation.
Many visitors tell me they cannot do it with Flash 5.

How to create 10 Blank-Keyframes in Flash 5 :
( The Picts are from a French Flash 5 version)
1. Select 10 frames on the Time line

by dragging your cursor upon
as you could do to select some text in Word :

2. Go to Modification/ Convert to Blank Key Frames :

3. It's Done !

NOTE for Flash 5 :
To get the small white circles in your empty KeyFrames,
you have to activate the mode Flash 4 Selection Style in your Preferences ( Edition > Préferences) :
See document

Once Flash 4 Selection Style checked,
lthe small hand is changed in a arrow.

13. Consider this Layer 2 laying upon the Layer 1
like a transparent tracing sheet
laying upon a white sheet of paper on which
are drawn the 10 positions of the marching Cuke

14. I tonly remains to you to draw image by image
the 10 positions of your new character
in the ten empty Keyframes of the Layer 2...

... and when you have complete the walking of your new
character, you just have to delete the Layer 1

To know how to draw image by image the 10 positions,
let's go to lesson 2 : everything is explained there.

let's see lesson two

Et Voilà !

Huh ? What ? No way ?


It's not a problem !
With Flash you don't need to draw!

No need to any Wacom Tablet !
Let your cursor do all the work ! How ? I'ts very simple !

let's see lesson two

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